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Фотобанк Лори: лицензионные изображения и фотографии

Leana Baldini
Los Angeles, США США

День рождения: Овен 19 апреля 1958

Leana Baldini was born in Russia in 1958 and lived in the ancient city of Tver in the center of Russia near Moscow. In 2004, she moved to Louisiana.
A truly renaissance person, Leana has musical, writing, and designing and sewing gifts and skills, as well. From early childhood, Leana demonstrated remarkable musical abilities. She started singing when she we one year old and had her first public performance when she was three. At eight she enrolled in a music school and then continued her education in a music college. Her major classes were in music theory, piano, musical literature and solfeggio (musical grammar.) After graduation, Leana worked at the Opera and Ballet Theater. After marriage and the birth of her three sons, she taught music in a preschool, an elementary school and a children's club.
When she was nine years old, Leana wrote her first poem. She has written many verses and songs devoted to God. One of her poems was published on the first page of the collection, "Invoking in The Muse" 2004. Leana has always aspired to be an artist. She took private art lessons and worked in "The Tver`s Design" art company where she painted wooden dolls and other souvenirs.Then she was busy with painting on silk.
In 1998 Leana finished a school of beaded art and has skills in making beaded jewelry and ornaments. After moving to USA Leana was working for theatre`s costumes designs and created two snake`s costumes for the performance of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" for New Orleans the Westwego Performing Arts Theater in 2005.Then she worked as a bead jewelery disinger and instructer in Baton Rouge`s "The Bead Attic" store where she did bead jewelery classes,made original jewelery and repairing work. She currently also enjoys painting pictures on silk; writing and illustrating a children's book .In the present time she lives and works in Los Angeles CA.

December 2008.

Автор рекомендует: Painting on silk.

Серии работ: Beads workAirbrushArt and craft.Oil painting.Painting on silk.

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